Enrollments are made up of customer information, invoices. Clubgro takes care of all these together and makes your billing run with ease and efficiency.

Each new sign up creates a subscription. Based on the subscription, Clubgro will charge and renew your customers.

All active, inactive and future enrollments can be viewed in this section and select sort by , search by, enrollment status and plan filters on the top navigation bar for filter the students

To edit the enrollment fees of the particular enrollment select hte customer and choose edit fees enter the new value and select save , this new fees will be reflected on next billing date

Enrollment Status

  • Active: Active enrollments that will be charged based on Billing cycle and billing period.

  • Ends today: Active enrollment which has the end date as the current date then the active status of the customer changes to ends today.

  • Ended: If the customer has no active enrollment the status is indicated as ended.

  • Start Date: Start Date is when the subscription starts for the customer. It is taken from enrollment date during enrollment. Start date given has an impact on the statuses the subscription can have:

  • Active: On the date, the enrollment status changes to Active. You can also set the start date as a date in the past, i.e., the date can be a few days before the date you're creating the enrollment, given the date falls within the current billing cycle. This will come in handy when you've started providing the service already but creating the enrollment in Clubgro on a later date.

  • Future: The start date is in the future with respect to the date the enrollment was created. The status will change to Active on the start date mentioned. An invoice will be generated on the date the enrollments status changes to Active.

No. of Billing Cycles

This is used to set the number of times a customer will be charged. The value entered in the new subscription will override the value that was already configured in the Class/plan.