Record Payment

Using the Record Payment option, you can manually record offline payments received for invoices which are in Payment Due or Not Paid state.

Payments Mode- cash, card, online, account transfer.

Partial Payments

While recording the payment, enter the amount collected in the Amount field. The partial amount is deducted from the total amount of the due invoice.

Note The invoice remains in Payment Due or Not Paid state until the entire due amount is recorded.

Customer Statuses

Active - A player who has at least one active subscription.
New - A player who has zero subscriptions
Inactive - Player who has no active enrollments
Enquired - The status of the new customer automatically changes from new to enquired on the eight day of creating a customer

Bill Cycle
Two Months
Three Months
Six Months

Time Period Sub_Enrolment date Inv_Generation date Inv_Next Bill date Billing period sub_start date sub_end date
Present 21/01/18 21/01/18 21/01/18 21/01/18-21/02/18 21/01/18 21/06/18
Future 21/03/18 21/03/18 21/04/18 21/03/18-21/04/18 21/03/18 21/08/18
Past 21/12/2017 21/01/18 21/01/18 21/12/2017-21/01/18 21/12/2017 21/05/18

Normal or Flexi Billing case Note:

The Invoice generation date should be within Billing period date

  • Invoice Generation date is always enrolment date for present and future case

  • For past invoice generation date is Current date

  • Billing period is calculated based on bill interval (monthly, annually etc)

  • Subscription end date is calculated based on “No of the bill cycles” field in the enrollment form